Although there are many posters and widely used signages in cities and train stations, all the information you can find is only on those displays. In order to satisfy your desires, such as “I want to get more information on this matter,” or “I want to distribute more information for this,” the “Neo Poster” has been developed as advertising application of next generation that implements the new expression of promotion!

●By using the information terminals, such as smart phones and tablets, various information of related websites and video clips can be obtained.
●Since there is no regulation on the angle of photo you take or the distance between your camera and the target, it is easier to take the recognizable photo than to read the conventional QR code.
●Unlike AP technology, you do not have to stop and wait until the image is recognized. All you have to do is to take the photo by tapping the button. And you will receive the related information right away.
●You can share and tweet the information easily by using the Social Networking System, such as Facebook and Twitter.
●The effect of introducing this application can be clearly seen by using the matching report, which analyzes how many times the related information has been accessed or matched.※1

※1 This function is optional.